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Pre-Tanning Preparation

We are committed to giving you the best tanning experience you have ever had, however there are steps that you should take to ensure the best results of your tan. Proper preparation and after care will make your Paradise Spray Tan last longer. 

Before Your Tan Appointment:

The key to a flawless tan all comes in the preparation phase, so before we start spraying, you’ll first want to create a clean canvas for us for the best results.

Here are the pre tan prep instructions. Skin preparation is a very important step in the tanning process.

* It is best to shower & gently exfoliate your whole body using exfoliating gloves or an exfoliating mesh cloth and a non-moisturizing body wash such as Aveeno, Cetephil, or Native the day/night before your tan. Never exfoliate 1 to 3 hours, or minutes, before your tan session because it can affect the application of it and end results. If you need to rinse off minutes before your tan, then just rinse off with luke warm water.

* Pedicures & manicures, massages, hair appointments, other spa treatments should be done the day before, not on the day of your tan session.

* Shaving should be done using a clean razor 1 day before your tan session, same goes with waxing, therefore it will allow the hair follicles/pores to close back up before getting your tan. Do not shave or wax on the day of your tan appointment because it can result in uneven color development of your tan results, streaks, and leave tiny brown dots from open pores.

* Be free of any lotions, hair conditioner on skin, deodorants, perfumes, oils, any skin topicals, or makeup before I arrive because they can affect the tanning application and the outcome of your tan. When showering, use luke warm water to rinse off thoroughly to prevent any residue that can cause white patches on your skin.

* Please wear loose pants, a normal fitting shirt, long sleeve or short (not a very baggy one because of armpit  perspiration or sweat), and flip flops. If you are going to wear a dress, make sure it's a shirt dress so that the top of your body is covered. You want to protect your tan from skin on skin contact.

Do not wear:  jeans, any tight fitting clothes, tube tops/tube dresses (they have elastic and it will make marks), leggings, shorts, or tank tops. With tight fitting clothes, the fabric will cause friction causing your tan to make marks and streaks and any elastics will cause marks. Do not wear satin or silk clothing, it tends to cause perspiration.

Day of Your Tan:      

• For the best results, do a quick rinse with cool or luke warm 3 or more hours before your appointment. This is to remove any body lotion, moisturizers, perfume, deodorant, makeup, and sweat. Spray tanning over deodorant can result in a green ring on the underarm and is difficult to remove. If you have extremely dry skin, apply a minimal amount (thin layer) of lotion lightly and evenly onto the dry skin area at least 2 hours prior to your sunless tan.

• Make sure your skin is completely dry from your shower. If it's not, your tan will not absorb properly and will peel off. Also, make sure to rinse off with cool/lukewarm water because if your body temperature is running warm, the solution will not absorb properly and your tan will result in a light color or no tan at all.

• Please wear dark loose fitting clothing for after your tan while it's developing such as a loose sun dress, loose shorts, loose t-shirt top (short or long sleeve), loose lounge pants, and flip flops or open toe sandles.

Do not wear jeans, any tight fitting clothes, tube tops/tube dresses (they have elastic), tight shorts, or tops with tight straps. With tight fitting clothes, the fabric will cause friction causing your tan to make marks and streaks and any elastics will cause marks. The bronzers may get on clothing/sheets but they usually wash off. It may stain silk, nylon, or spandex but will wash off as well.

• If you are pregnant consult with your physician prior to tanning with any solution containing DHA.


Your Tanning Appointment - During Your Spray Tanning Experience:

• Our fully experienced spray tan artist will perform a skin analysis and help you decide what color you would like to ensure the perfect tan is achieve. We have 6 different levels of color to choose from.

• Next you will step into our private mobile pop-up tent and undress. You may wear disposable spa underwear (we provide them upon request), your own underwear, swim suit, or nothing at all. Males must wear some sort of bottoms.

• Next your finger nails, inside of your wrists, and feet will be gently covered with a special cream to prevent over absorption from the tanning solution. Your spray tan artist will then spray you with our Skin Primer Prep which will remove any dirt and oils from your skin to promote a gorgeous long lasting tan. Your hair will be covered with a fabric hair cover and if requested, you will be given a nose filter. You will also be given sticky feet which protect the bottom of your feet.

• You will then stand on a clean towel and our spray tan artist will talk you through the positions you will stand in so that we can tan you with an a flawless tan. It takes approximately 15-20 minutes to be sprayed and you will feel a misting sensation. There is no need to be anxious about closing your eyes and holding your breath. When the time comes to spray your face, our spray tan artist will tell you when to close your eyes and take a breath. After the process is done, our technician will dry you with our systems heated excel dryer making your body feel non-sticky and dry. Our sunless experience is the best in town making you feel comfortable and worry free.


In-Home Spray Tanning Location Set Up Requirements.

• A well lit area is the highly recommended.
• Well lit bathroom, kitchen, living room, or anywhere our tanning tent will fit.
• Backyard or patio with access to an electrical outlet.

• Well lit garage with access to an electrical outlet.

Post Rinse Care & Maintenance


• After your spray tan is done, your spray tan artist will review the proper aftercare and ways to extend your tan so it will last as long as possible.

• Do not shower for a minimum of 8 hours after your tanning session. If your tanning session is in the morning, you may rinse off before bedtime. If your tanning session is at 3pm or after, you may rinse off the following morning. After your shower, pat yourself dry with a towel, do not rub. Rubbing yourself dry with a towel can cause your tan to streak.

• Avoid touching your tan and any activities that may cause you to perspire or sweat.


• Avoid bending your arms or folding your legs, this will cause a white diamond shape on your inner elbow or back of leg. Bending over can cause lines across your stomach.

• Avoid water for a couple of hours. You do not want any splash marks or streaks.

• Avoid hot baths. Hot baths will fade your tan fast.

• Protect your vehicle interior if running errands. Use a towel to cover leather or light colored seats.

• Dogs LOVE the taste of tanning solution. Do not let your furry friend lick your tan or it will leave a white mark on your skin.

• Swimming in the ocean will not fade your tan much. Swimming in a chlorinated pool or Jacuzzi will fade your tan fast and can make it blotchy because chlorine acts like a bleaching agent. When swimming in a chlorinated pool or ocean, wear waterproof sunscreen. This will slow down the fading process from the chlorine. We recommend Sun Bum.

• Minimize on shaving but when you do shave, use hair conditioner and a new sharp razor. Do not press hard when shaving. Bar soaps (unless it's made for tans), shaving creams and gels are drying and will cause streaks.

• It is important to keep your skin hydrated for a lasting tan! If you keep your skin hydrated and moisturized, your skin won't slough off as fast and your spray tan will last longer. Tanning extenders are a great way of keeping a long lasting tan. We recommend our luxury tanning extender Keep My Tan that was created by us and made for spray tans. It is long lasting, extremely hydrating and has a ton of botanicals and antioxidants which is beneficial for your skin.

MOISTURE! MOISTURE! MOISTURE! Apply lotion 2x a day after your first shower (if
doing the 8 hour solution or the next day if doing the Rapid Tan) for this will ensure a long lasting tan. Drinking lots of water will help keep you hydrated. Avoid lotions with mineral oils. Mineral oils will strip your tan and cause your tan to be blotchy. If anything, read the back of the ingredients on the bottle. Aveeno, Cetaphil, or Hemps are good lotions to use that have no mineral oils.

Satisfaction Guarantee & Policy

We are dedicated to giving you the best flawless tan and the ultimate sunless experience every time but at the same time, you need to take care of it while it is setting/developing before you shower. If you're not satisfied with your tan, call or text us within 24 hours of purchase. Tans must be fixed within that time.

• Guarantees will be void if proper pre-tan and after care instructions are not met. They are the following (along with the Pre-tan Prep):

• Showering, or engaging in any activity that will cause you to perspire before the recommended minimum 8 hour tanning development process for our regular formula or before 1 hour for the Rapid Tan formula.

• Swimming in a chlorinated pool without wearing sunscreen or going in a hot tub. (chlorine acts like a bleach and makes a spray tan blotchy)

• Use of lotions (unless advised by spray tan artist), perfumes, oils, deodorants, or make up prior to the spray tan application that are not recommended by our professional spray tan artists.

• Not rinsing off thoroughly or exfoliating properly as instructed.

• Use of lotions, liquid make up, or touching your tan which will cause blotches and marks after your sunless application and before your first shower.

• Refusing to pay your spray tan artist for your tan. (that would be stealing)

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