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Fitness Competition Tanning & Make-Up Prices:


To schedule your tan appointment(s):

Please call or text us at (626) 202-7923.

Let us know what division/category you are competing in, 

the federation/show you are competing in, and if you need

to tan on Friday & Saturday or just Friday or just Saturday.

We will respond with your confirmation and prep info. All

tanning appointments will be done at your location if we

are not the official tanners for a fitness competition. 

If we are the official tanning company, tanning service will

be done at the host hotel on Friday and at the venue on

Saturday. Small spot touch ups, oiling and bikini bite will

also be done at the venue. We will have everyone sign in

on our sign in sheet at the venue then we will tan in

category order. Please email us at for any questions.


*Professional Competition Spray Tanning

(We are mobile and come to you. Forget about waiting in long lines!)


Power Comp is made just for those who are competing in Fitness Competitions for the Bikini, Fitness, Figure, Physique, and Bodybuilding. What sets us apart from other competition tanning solutions is that we created our own. After testing many competition tanning solutions on the market, we decided to go our own route and create something better. Power Comp dries quickly so you don't have to worry about feeling sticky, worry about streaks, being smelly, looking orange or green. It leaves you with the deep dark brown tan that the judges want when you enter that stage. We compete too so we know what the judges want. You have trained very hard to compete on stage, don't let a bad spray tan ruin your win because the judges do dock you in points for bad spray tans. Get the best competition spray tan, get Power Comp.

Mobile Competition Tan Packages:

Spot-Touch Ups Are:
(fixing smudges, water or wear marks and tanning lighter areas.)

* Power Comp A 

(For those with a very dark skin tone) 

1 Application (2 - 3 coats) = Competition color the day before or on the day of competition.
Oil/Glaze & Bikini Bite included


Los Angeles & Orange County Price: $85

 Riverside & San Diego Price: $105.00

If We Are Requested To Be In Las Vegas, Price: $160.00 (must pay deposit)

Power Comp B 

(For those with pale-fair skin)

2 Applications (4 - 5 coats) = Tan the day before & the day of show. Oil/Glaze & Bikini Bite included.

Los Angeles - Orange County- $130

Riverside & San Diego Price: $145.00

If We Are Requested To Be In Las Vegas, Price: $130.00 (must have more than 5 competitors)


* If we are not "The Sponsored Spray Tan Company" for an event, we usually go to the event to make sure your tan is perfect unless we have another event or our staff is booked. When we go to your event, we fix any smudges if needed, and we oil/glaze you as well. 



There is a $50 cancellation fee on all pre-paid, scheduled appointments. 

We Offer Make-Up Services Too.





Make-Up By Maggie
(Certified by MAC & Make-Up Designery)
Orange County & Los Angeles County Area
Call or text (562) 587-5661

For all you ladies out there who have to pee but don't want streaks, this is for you. $4 for one but if you tan with us, it's FREE upon request.











This is a re-usable female portable urination device aid or stand-to-pee device which aids females to urinate while standing upright. These are great for female competitors who have to go but don't want streaks or to ruin their tan. These are also used for sanitary and medical reasons.

Now you can take Power Comp with you to all your fitness competition shows.

Power Comp is guaranteed to be the best competition tanning formula out there leaving you with a deep dark brown color for your competition. With one application, Power Comp will give you the perfect stage color you need or you can use it for touch-ups, the choice is yours. Unlike other competition formulas, there is no need to purchase a base & top coat formula, Power Comp is an all-in-one. You can use it for your first and second application.

It will never turn you orange, red, purple, or green like other competition tanning formulas, it applies evenly, dries quickly, and is streak-free.

One Color - One Solution - For All Divisions

Competition tanning.png
2 tans Fitzpatrick_scale.png

Ultra Dark Competition Spray: $45.00

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2024 Competition Schedule

Non-Official Tanning Sponsor

July 13 - Anaheim, CA

July 27-27 - Anaheim, CA

August 10 - San Diego, CA

August 17-18 - Anaheim, CA

September 28 - San Diego, CA

October 26 - Anaheim, CA

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