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Shipping & Returns


Our hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 9:00 am EST to 5:00 pm PST. Same day shipping cut-off is 1pm PST.


We ship most orders on the day they are fulfilled provided we receive the order by 1pm on a Monday - Friday Pacific Standard Time and it is shipping to the billing address. Shipping to a different location may delay shipping until verified. All addresses go directly to the shipper from the computer the exact way that it is typed on the original order. Please double check your shipping address before submitting your order. Please place apartment numbers on the second line so that it is clear it is an apartment number.



When completing your order via our website, etc., you hereby agree to the following terms:​​


  • 1.) Unopened & Open containers of Solutions & Products are non-returnable or refundable. Sales are considered final. Temperature control is vital to the life of the solutions and we have no way of knowing how the product is stored once it leaves our warehouse. We strive to sometimes bag and tape solutions so they do not leak during shipping. If your solution has leaked during shipping, the solution in the bottle is still good & usable. We may credit the amount of solution lost but we will not re-ship a full container unless the entire container is fully damaged. If there is a product damaged please email for further instructions.​

  • 2.) For a replacement or refund on a damaged retail product: We must receive the tracking number once you mail it back, must be be able to look up your name on our database orders, and email us a picture of the damaged product before we send out the replacement or credit.

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