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Welcome to Power Comp Competition Tanning

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We take competition spray tanning to a whole new level.

We are a professional and fully mobile spray tanning

service as well as on-site competition tanning

providers with many years of experience. Some of our

competition tanners are fitness competitors themselves.

Our goal is to make sure athletes receive a perfect stage

color that will enhance and showcase the individual’s hard

work and dedication the second they step on stage. Don't

take a chance on your tan with an amateur tanner! Let the

professionals who also compete on stage give you the

perfect competition tan. We tan for many federations and

are honored to be the exclusive tanning providers for UNBA,

Muscle Mania/Fitness Universe, Orange County Elite, WFA,

WNBF Worlds, INBF, Lauren Powers Fitness Events, WFF,

Ka Po I Ka Po’okela Maui NPC, NGA, and more. When we

are not the providers for fitness competitions, we are available

for Southern California shows and even out-of-state shows.


Paradise Airbrush Tanning has a team of professionals that has tanned more than 10,000 athletes since 2011 and takes pride in helping them look their best on stage. We want the best for our athletes and care what goes on their skin which is why we use a high-quality competition tanning solution Power Comp competition color for every fitness event. Power Comp competition color is known to be one of the best competition tanning products on the market with clean ingredients and it allows us to deliver the perfect color for any skin type. It was developed by owner Taryn Luquin to deliver a  deep, dark, brown natural color that dries ever orange or unnatural looking, you will not turn green regardless of your pH Balance, and has no

unpleasant scent. Our tanning technique provides a consistent even, streak-free application when combined with our formula. Our bronzers give that fantastic natural look right away and offers an excellent transition after the 1st shower. (Yes, you have the option to shower in between) We were told by many that no other spray tanning company offers the style of service and product like we do.... so we can guarantee this!


Our company is trusted by many fitness competitors for that winning look on stage. We are hired by many fitness federations & promoters because we pay attention to detail, give the best customer service, and are always there for the competitors. We're nationally recognized for our tans and services in the bodybuilding industry and we compete ourselves.

Don’t take a chance on your competition tan, tan with the best, and let Paradise Airbrush Tanning handle “the finishing touch” for you.

• We are voted #1

• Our Competition formula Power Comp is a leading brand and the darkest, most brown on the market.

• We come to your location of choice then if no prior engagements, we go to your show to make sure your tan is perfect.

• We never charge for extra coats and don't spray competitors with their competition posing suit on.

• Fast drying, no need to stand in front of a fan for minutes or wait to put your clothes back on.

Get the best in town and go with a trusted and recommended company with certified tanning professionals that know what they are doing because your tan is very important for your competition. 

Here's what our athletes have to say about Power Comp.

Serving All Los Angeles County, All Orange County, San Diego & Surrounding areas by appointment.
Satisfaction Guarantee.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

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