For your convenience, Paradise Airbrush Tanning is a

one-stop-shop for all your tanning needs!

On Saturday, all tanning, oiling, and bikini bite will be 

provided by us on-site at the venue. Please keep in mind

that on Saturday, we have to tan according to who goes on

stage first. We will be tanning at 6am at the venue on


To schedule your appointment for

competition tanning:

Please e-mail directly to and include your

competition Division(s)/category and if you need Power

Comp A or Power Comp B. You will get a response with

location, appointment(s), and times within 24 hours.

Please read and let us know that you understand  

the Pre-Tan Prep Instructions. 


For Tanning:


Base Tan - Friday
Day/evening tan application before competition.

Competition Day Tan - Saturday
We tan you to perfection for the best tan on stage presentation for judging.

Spot Touch Ups Are:
(Fixing smudges, water or wear marks and tanning lighter areas.)


The bright stage lights tend to lighten one up a bit, therefore we recommend getting sprayed Friday & Saturday if you are very fair skin but if you are a darker skin tone then getting tan on either day is fine.




           Competition Packages:

* Power Comp A (For those with a darker skin tone) 

* 1 Competition Spray Tan Application = Can be done the day before or on the day of competition
* Oil/Glaze & Bikini Bite will be available if needed

* Spot Touch Ups.

YOU MUST email to book your tan after you purchase it.

Price: $85.00 



* Power Comp B (For those with pale/fair skin)

* 2 Competition Tan Applications = Tan the day before & the day of show.

This package allows you to rinse in between tans so that you will feel fresh on stage and be stage dark just like the judges want.

* Oil/Glaze & Bikini Bite will be available if needed

*Spot Touch Ups.

YOU MUST email to book your tan after you purchase it.


Price: $115.00 

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