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Taryn Luquin

   CEO, Sunless Educator, Master Spray Tan Artist, Contour Specialist 

Taryn started her company, Paradise Airbrush Tanning in 2005, right after the salon she worked at shut its doors. Learning so much at the salon about spray tanning, Taryn wanted to find a way where people can be tanned without damaging their skin and without looking orange with a spray tan. Looking tan is a necessity in Southern California, after all it makes everything you wear look so much better and it is known to boost one's confidence, but a tan is not worth the harmful effects of the sun and tanning beds.

As one who is against laying out in the sun and in tanning beds, Taryn knew that sunless tanning was the only way to go to have that Southern California tan but how when all the sunless products she tried on the market turned you orange? She was determine to create a tanning solution that was better than what was on the market. Her goal was set, the tanning solution had to be a water base, didn't clog pores, contained aloe vera and anti-aging moisturizers, wasn't sticky or smelly, the most natural looking, having tans look more on the brown side, and lasted longer than a week. In 2006 Paradise Bronze was created and it was just what Taryn wanted.

As business quickly grew, Taryn hired a team to help out and employees for mobile spray tanning across Southern California. People in Orange County and Los Angeles County were loving that spray tan technicians came to them in the location of their choice. After creating the perfect tanning solution, Taryn worked on other innovative products in the industry that would create a flawless tan every time. In 2010 Paradise Airbrush Tanning launched it's newest product Touch n' Go which became a hot seller. This spray tan in a can gave a flawless tan every time with its 360 degree spraying technology and micro mist spray. In 2014 Love My Tan self tanning lotion was launched, infused with the finest dha, anti-aging ingredients, and a great smell this one gets sold out quickly. And in 2016 Island Sun self tanning mousse was launched, giving clients that silky smooth feeling when they apply the product on their skin giving them a flawless tan.

Taryn being a fitness competitor herself, she even created a tanning solution Power Comp just for fitness competitions. Power Comp blows other competition tanning solutions on the market away. The dance industry was very much interested in having a product just for them and voiced their interest, Taryn listened and then created Let's Dance. Paradise Airbrush Tanning ended up being known as a skin pampering business where one can get their tan and a skin treatment since the tanning solutions contains anti-aging ingredients in it. Taryn focuses on the highest quality ingredients for her company's products and listens to clients needs in the tanning industry.

Taryn also leads the industry in education by training others how to spray tan the right way & how to be an entrepreneur like herself, having education webinars, and writing blogs. She has a passion for spray tanning but also has a passion for helping others look their very best without looking orange and for those to grow and succeed in the industry. "I love seeing clients complimenting their tans my company gives them and seeing my students I train grow and succeed in their spray tanning business."

Paradise Airbrush Tanning is more than just another tanning brand, they take professional spray tanning to another level as the ultimate sunless tanning business and give people only the best.

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