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Our "Keep My Tan" tan extender moisturizer will give your skin a sun kissed tinted look. Loaded with botanical extracts, this organic moisturizer is 100% Paraben free, naturally pure, and has our exclusive DHA to extend the life of your tan. Premier age defying Matrixal supports and refurbishes deteriorating collagen, the infrastructure that gives the skin its elasticity and plumpness, optimizing wrinkle reduction dramatically. Enrich with anti-oxidants, vitamins A, C, and E which promotes the elimination of free radicals and improves your skins texture and smoothness. Keep My Tan, tan extender will increase the life of your sunless tan, promote even fading and leave your skin soft and smooth with a healthy looking glow. With this product, we love our tan even more and so will you.

"Keep My Tan" Tanning Extender 8 oz

$19.95 Regular Price
$14.96Sale Price
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