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Certified Professional Fitness Trainers

We know there are many personal fitness trainers out there and well let's face the facts, personal fitness training is not regulated and there are many cookie cutter diets out there that can hurt your health. But don't worry, we are in the fitness industry as well and know better, therefore we have some of the top trainers in Southern California for those who want to get in great shape or for those who are competing in fitness competitions. They are certified, very well experienced, and full of great knowledge. 



 Moji Oluwa (LA County)









Angela Simone (West Hollywood)

Bodybuild Her







Jeremy Jackson (Orange County)

IG: @JeremyJacksonFitness





Shane Roberts (Orange County)











Raymond Gomez (Orange County)








Raymond Gomez is a personal trainer in orange county. He was once over weight, hitting 217lbs before deciding to make a change. He lost 67LB in 6 months and never went back. Raymond prides himself on putting his clients first, practicing what he preaches, and making sure clients get the results they are looking for. He specializes in boxing, kickboxing, weight-loss, and bikini prep.  He loves working out, but changing lives is his passion.


Alex Jamal - IFBB Judge & Trainer


Stacy Michaels







Jeremy Jackson Fitness.jpg


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