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Learn To Spray Like A Pro With Our Spray Tan Academy


NOTE:  It's very important to do your homework when choosing a spray tan training program, experience says a lot about a trainer. We take pride in our trainings and educate you about the top brand of solutions and machines on the market. We love to educate and give our students options as well as training them the right way. We've helped many students start their own business and become successful.

Everyone has their own tanning methods and we understand that and are open on how they do it, but we are perfectionists and spray in a certain order with our techniques. We have yet to see a tanning method that works better than ours. We always spray tan the same way for consistency and flawless tans.


Let's face the facts...there are so many spray tan training programs out there and new ones popping up all the time. Then there are companies that have little experience in the spray tanning industry and become trainers. All training programs are NOT created equal. We say this from experience and what sets us apart from others is our 11+ years of experience and that we do not price gauge students. We can prove this because we have been voted #1 from the public. The Spray Tan Academy is perfect for those wanting to learn spray tanning and start their own business or to add the service to their existing services, or for the Intermediate technician who wants to further their background in the industry. Whether it's learning our private one-on-one in person or via Skype, we have the course just for you without the hefty price.


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