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   Socal Uproar


We are your one-stop shop for tanning for The 2020 WNBF/INBF Socal Uproar. Friday tanning will be done at the host hotel (LaFayette Hotel) in the Penthouse on the 4th floor. Saturday tanning, oiling, and bikini bite will be available

on-site backstage at the venue. We will be at the show until it ends.

To book your appointment for

competition tanning you MUST:

E-mail directly to and include your name & phone number, name of show you are doing, division/category you are doing, and if you are getting Power Comp A or Power Comp B. You will get a response within 24 hours. Payment must be paid either here by choosing your competition tan package or at the time of your appointment. Please have payment ready at the time of your appointment if paying in person.


Spot Touch Ups Are:
(Fixing smudges, water or wear marks and tanning lighter areas.)


The bright stage lights tend to lighten one up a bit, therefore we recommend getting sprayed Friday & Saturday but it is up to you if you need Power Comp A or B. 




      Competition Packages:

Payment must be made before tan can be applied. If paying at time of getting your tan, must have payment with you.


* Power Comp A (For those with a darker skin tone) 

* 1 Competition Tan Application of Power Comp to get you stage dark, tan the day before or on the day of competition.
* Oil/Glaze & Bikini Bite available

* Spot Touch Ups

YOU MUST email to book your tan after you purchase it.

Price: $85.00


* Power Comp B (For those with pale/fair skin) 

* 2 Competition Tan Applications of Power Comp to get you stage dark, tan the day before (base tan) & the day of show

* Oil/Glaze & Bikini Bite available

*Spot Touch Ups

YOU MUST email to book your tan after you purchase it.

Price: $115.00​

Paradise Airbrush Tanning prohibits the entry of individuals other than athletes or professional tanning technicians to the tanning room. Please do not bring any valuables to your appointment. Paradise Airbrush Tanning is not responsible for any personal items.

We recommend to wear loose & baggy apparel without any tight elastic bands to your tanning appointment. Choose a sandal or flip flops with minimal straps. Post tanning, avoid wearing anything with tight straps like sport bras or tight undergarments.

While tanning, Paradise Airbrush Tanning will provide you with complimentary FDA recommended accessories for protection. For men who choose to wear trunks in the tanning tent, please bring an alternative pair other than what you will wear on stage.

If staying in a hotel, bring a personal set of sheets and towels to avoid staining hotel property. Paradise Airbrush Tanning is not responsible for the color transfer onto hotel property.

Be sure to tag @paradiseairbrushtanning or @powercomptanning in your show day pictures to be featured on our social media pages!

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