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                  Mobile Spray Tanning Prices

(Tans must be paid at the time of tanning session)


Please Call (949) 201-5244 To Make An Appointment For OC In-Salon

* We follow the FDA recommendations for your protection.


*Our service includes: 

pH Balancing Prep Spray: This is a primer for the skin, boosts amino acid levels on the

skin which enhances the sunless color results, removes dirt and oils, and prevents

that unnatural color.

Barrier Cream: This prevents the tops of feet and hands from getting too dark and

cuticles from being discolored.


Disposable Sticky Feet: Protective wear for under your feet.

Disposable Thongs: Available upon request.


Nose Filters: Available upon request.


Hair Cap: This prevents solution from getting onto hair.


Finishing Powder: This powder is the finishing touch of the spray tan application. It is talc free, is made for spray tans, absorbs any tacky or sticky feeling, and allows you to put your clothes back on right away. Our finishing powder helps set the spray tan and prevents the bronzers from being transferable onto clothing. This can be applied to the whole body or on certain sections. It's magic and perfect for those hot days.



For first-timers: we recommend using disposable underwear which we provide so you can see the difference between your skin and spray tan shade, so you’ll know for next time whether to go lighter or darker. Although the spray tan solution washes off from clothing, make sure to wear dark, loose-fitting clothing and flip-flops to avoid streaking or ruining your favorite light-colored clothing.

We will customize the tan to your desired shade: (light, ​light-medium, medium, medium-dark, or dark.) We also offer a clear sunless solution (great for those with age spots, or who don't want to get bronzers on their clothes).

* Individual Spray Tan Session (8 hour/overnight)

We customize our tans to perfection matching YOUR skin tone & desired color. You may rinse off 8 hours

later or the next morning. (includes mini contour and full drying powder)

* Rapid Rinse Spray Tan Session (Rinse in 1 to 4 hours)

Our Rapid Rinse Tan is for the girl on the go but the difference is that you get to rinse off in 1 to 4 hours for a nice-looking natural tan. If you'd like to go darker, then you'd leave it on for another hour. This solution is great for those who don't have time to wait to rinse off in 8 hours. (includes full drying powder)

* Full Body Spray Tan With Contour

Spray Tan + Full Body Contour - If you are wanting to look more toned, then this one is for you. With this service, you don't just get a spray tan but we also define your body's natural curves and muscle definition. 

* Students

17 or younger, must show school ID & have a parent sign a consent form.

* After Hours &  Major Holiday Tanning

This is for after business hours and on major holidays.

* Dance Competitions
We use a special high-performance exclusive tanning solution "Let's Dance" for all dance competitions. This formula looks great under any stage lighting.

No matter where you are performing, Let's Dance is the solution for you! Let's Dance formula is an odorless, non-sticky, fast drying solution designed for all skin types infused with a blend of natural ingredients to deliver a well defined tan while hydrating and moisturizing your skin. Let's Dance will last between 7 - 10 days.


Let's Dance is perfect for:
Ballroom Dancers, Actors on stage who require a tan that will show up under the lights, or someone looking for a solution that is very dark.

For Mobile Tanning.

* Parking fee may apply and are an additional cost to the spray tan if free parking is not available. This will be added on to your total.
* Our time is tight due to our additional clients for the day. If parking is hard to find, please provide your spray tan artist with parking.

* Spray tan artists require a clean space and well-lit area to work. (Area that is not well lit may result in flaws of tan)        

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New Clients!
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